Equity Credit Lines

Do you need extra cash to consolidate your high interest debts? Or do you need to make timely improvement, pay for college tuition or just about any thing else you want to do with it? With your home equity you have several options. You can use a home equity loan to borrow a portion or all of the equity in your home. Or an equity credit line in which you borrow as needed from a line of credit similar to a credit card. Mortgage Calculators

An equity credit line is a loan with a maximum credit limit that allows the borrower(s) to disburse funds up to the maximum credit line as needed. Funds may be disbursed repeatedly as the principal balance is paid down up to the maximum credit limit available. A line of credit functions similar to a credit card and may be accessed by writing a check or a using a debit card. You can also pay back your credit line on your own terms. You can make the minimum payment, pay off your entire balance all at once or some where in between. It's all up to you. You repay your Equity Credit Line, those funds are immediately available again to use.

  • Low Variable Interest Rates
  • Repay Terms to Meet Your Life
  • Possible Tax Deduction

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